End of Summer? Posted November 11, 2010 | Tags: , , , ,


Well ok, so summer has been over for a while but I’m not ready for winter yet. I guess however that I have no choice. On Halloween weekend when the Hampden Highland quilters were busy working, it was snowing outside.

What a great summer it was. We helped 15 couples begin their life journey together. It always amazes me how creative couples are with their plans. One of my favorites was Caryn and Pat’s theme of a “Perfect Pair”. Pears were the dominant theme from decorations to food!

Everyone seemed to like the new “relaxed elegance” of our updated dining room. We had so many beautiful and fun events here this summer. The variety was amazing. Everything from weddings to lively family reunions.

What a year for our wildlife. We had a baby loon on the lake and a baby eagle entertained us all summer. We had more Canada Geese babies than we needed – they are pretty messy! My neighbor John took a wonderful picture of a group of loons. This is a pretty unique sight as they are usually only in groups of two or three at the most.

Dave our fishing guide was busy taking guests out on the lake. Everyone had a good time and caught plenty of fish.

We had a great time with guests from all over the world. From the US we had visitors from 31 different states. Our foreign guests came from 7 countries including Thailand. It is so much fun to meet new folks. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. We have so many returning guests that I feel like I have good friends coming to visit each summer.

While we may be getting ready for winter, we are looking ahead to next summer. We are booking weddings and other events in anticipation of another great year. If you are looking for a great holiday gift idea we always have gift certificates available to treat your family and friends to a stay and Maine’s lakeside haven.