Our Environmental Leadership Program

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The Alamoosook Lakeside Inn is proud to be recognized by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection as an Environmental Leader in the Hospitality Sector.

The Inn’s location on the shores of Alamoosook Lake allows our guests to enjoy nature at its best. We have crystal clear water, beautiful native pine trees and an astonishing array of wildlife.

Since we have no light pollution you can see more stars than you ever thought existed. Because we so value the natural assets of this area, the management and staff of the Inn are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment.

Pollution Prevention

Purchasing in bulk to reduce packaging
Utilizing our garden and local farmers for produce
Avoiding the use of pesticides
Using non-toxic cleaning products
Using low emission paints

Energy Conservation

Utilizing compact florescent light bulbs
Using motion sensing lights
Placing lights on timers
Selecting Energy Star appliances
Encouraging guests to conserve electricity and heat

Environmental Outreach

Educate guests on the local environment
Actively involve guests by offering greener choices
Encouraging staff to participate in local conservation efforts

Water Conservation

Using low-flow shower heads
Offering guests the choice of daily or reusable towels


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