It was such a pleasure hosting the Annual meeting of the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust (GPMCT).  As a former board member and a current member and supporter, I’m happy to do my small part in helping the organization succeed.

GPMCT is a charitable nonprofit organization founded in 1993 to conserve land, water and wildlife habitat for the communities of northwestern Hancock County. The goal is to protect our legacy of:

  • Abundant wildlife habitat and biodiversity
  • Clean water
  • Rural character and scenic beauty
  • Working forests and farms
  • Outdoor recreation and education

The original vision of the founders was to conserve for future generations the vast, undeveloped area on and around Orland’s beloved Great Pond Mountain.  The  acquisition of the 4,300-acre Great Pond Mountain Wildlands in June, 2005 was a major step in that direction.

A good bit of the Wildlands borders our Alamoosook Lake.  Guests of the Inn spend a lot of  hours hiking the trails and climbing Great Pond Mountain for a spectacular view.  This conservation property is an amazing asset to our community.

At the meeting, Heather McCargo,  gave a presentation on the Wild Seed Project .    It was an extremely informative discussion about the value of wild native plants and their link to the ecosystem.  Better presentation