This has been such a busy Spring. The lake has had an abundance of Canada geese babies and we have two baby eagles (the little heads just right of the trunk) this year. It’s still to early to know about loon babies. Already the painted turtles and the snapping turtles have been coming in record numbers to lay their eggs. Our guests Nina and Gwen, from Texas, took amazing pictures of the painted turtles. They even got a video clip of momma depositing an egg into her hole. I’ve posted the video on our new Facebook page.

Yes, you read correctly – we now have our own Facebook page. I’ve been having fun sharing pictures of our newly married couples along with nearly live updates on what’s happening on the lake. You can join us by signing on as a fan. If you have pictures from the Inn or the area you can even share them with everyone.

The Inn has just partnered with the Maine Birding Trail. The Trail provides details on 82 prime birding sites throughout the state. In fact, 4 of them are within 15 miles of the Inn. We are featured as one of trails “Best Nests” birder-friendly accommodations.

We have been busy with our landscaping and getting our vegetable garden planted. It seems now, more than ever, that the more of our food supply that we can produce ourselves or purchase locally the healthier and more tasty it is. This year we are growing our own delicata squash, a favorite of a group that comes each fall for a workshop.

We are looking forward to a wonderful summer. We have lots of weddings booked and we’ll get to help with family reunions, anniversary celebrations and other festive events. However, we still have dates open so if you have a special event just let us know.

Enjoy your spring and I’ll keep you posted on the loon babies!