New Life Posted June 30, 2015


Spring has been a busy season here at the lake.  We have had a family of robins who decided to nest right by the front door.  Sally and Ray were visiting at just the right time to capture mom busy feeding the little ones.

We have also has a banner year with turtles nesting.  The lawn by the lake may never be the same.  Sally was able to get this shot of a momma snapping turtle laying her eggs.  They lay about 30 eggs over the course of about a half hour.  Then they cover them up and head back to the water.  They will take until September to hatch.  The little ones are only about as big as a quarter and the make a mad dash (well sort of) to the water.  It’s always a treat to watch.

snapper - gagne


We are still waiting to see if we will have any baby loons this year.  There is still time so we are really hopeful.  Stay turned!