Two weeks ago the trees were bare and things looks kind of bleak. Having moved here from Washington DC where the famous Cherry Blossoms are in bloom in early April, it is hard to wait for spring in Maine. But it does come, and I think you appreciate it even more. The azaleas and forsythias are in full bloom and in a couple of days my crabapple trees will be full of beautiful pink flowers.

The animals are out in force. The loons were here the day after “ice out” – April 17th this year. As of yesterday, we have a family of Canada geese with six brand new babies. I’m still watching to see if there will be a bald eagle baby. Last year we had two that we watched growing up all summer.

It never ceases to amaze me what a diverse wild life population inhabits our area. Recently Terry and Steve, guests from Massachusetts, went for a walk and returned with a picture of a very odd bird that had been hopping across the road. We looked though all the bird books and found nothing. The bird really captured my interest and I was determined to find out what it was. So with about an hour of internet searching I found it! It was a Chukar. This bird’s original home is Pakistan. They are related to the partridge family and were introduced in the US as a game bird. The only weird thing is that their identified range is the western part of the US. So I guess this fellow is a little lost.

And it’s not just birds! As I sat drinking my coffee, I saw something scurrying around the canoes. I watched and watched and then out popped a ground hog! We watched each other for quite a while and then he scampered away.

I never get bored with so much local entertainment!

It’s not just the wildlife. Signs of spring are everywhere. My favorite takeout place – Crosby’s is open again for the season. They serve the best lobster roll you can imagine! Our local ice cream storefront opened in early April to lines around the block! Mainers love their ice cream.

Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory opened for the season on May 1st. From the tower you’ll have a spectacular view of the Maine coast south to the Camden Hills, East to Mount Desert Island and Northwest to the eastern reaches of the Appalachian trail and Mount Katahdin. You’ll see the picturesque town of Bucksport and be able to look down on the full sweep of historic Fort Knox. We have put together a special package which includes entrance to the Fort and Tower along with tour of Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery and a goodie bag filled with Maine treats. Check out our specials page for full details.

On the human front, we are gearing up for a wonderful wedding season. I so look forward to helping couples make that perfect dream day come true. We still have a few fall dates open so if you still seeking something special just let me know!