Still Winter Posted March 16, 2009 | Tags: , , , , , ,


Here we are in the middle of March but it’s still winter in Maine. Marie, who works here at the Inn, and her family have a camp on our lake and spent today ice fishing and ice skating on the lake. They report that we still have 22 inches of ice. Winter is beautiful here. We have many bright blue-sky days and the snow sparkles. It just lasts a long time!

Yesterday as I was going to the post office to pick up the mail I saw three deer standing by the side of the road. They were licking the road salt used to keep the roads safe in the winter. This is a pretty common sight in the late winter as the deer and moose replenish the minerals in their bodies.

Here at the Inn it is retreat season. We have groups that come for the weekend as a way to recharge. This year we have quilters, women with their spinning wheels and lots of wool, and several church groups. It’s always so much fun for us to have such creative folks here. I’m always asked how many people we can accommodate for a retreat or family reunions. My answer is – it depends on how much they like each other! Actually we can host up to 24 people if you have 4 to a room. This makes it like a big slumber party – very cozy!

Soon we will be getting ready for our summer visitors. Last year we had guest from 33 states and 9 different countries (Spain, Germany, England, Canada, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, New Zealand and Ireland. It is such a treat to meet folks and learn about other cultures. I think that is my favorite part of innkeeping!

It also won’t be long until weddings start here at the Inn. We have our first scheduled for May. While we still have some weekends open, we are going to have a busy summer helping couples get started on their wonderful new life together.

So as we watch the snow melt we are looking forward to an exciting spring season!