The Telephone Museum Posted June 18, 2013


Telephone Museum in Ellsworth MaineI had the most interesting visit to the Telephone Museum near Ellsworth. The force behind the Museum is Charles and Sandra Galley. They are frequent guests here at the Inn and I’ve been hearing about the Museum for years. I finally made the trip to visit. What a treasure.

The Museum, which is housed in building on the old family farm, is truly amazing. They have so much antique equipment. There are telephones and switchboards from the early days of communication. Everything is operational so you get to make calls on the old crank phones and ask the operator to ring your party. While much of the equipment predates my childhood, there are the old phones that I remember using.  What a walk down memory lane!

Charles and Sandra, along with the host of volunteers who keep the place running, are happy to share their wealth of knowledge. We had such a good time and talked about so much of the way things were in the early days of the communication industry I didn’t even get through the entire museum. I’m looking forward to my return visit.

This is a great place for everyone to visit. It is nostalgic for the older crowd and interesting for the younger tecky kids. Make sure it is on you “must see” list when you visit.