We certainly had a beautiful fall here at Alamoosook Lake. The trees were spectacular and we continued to have wonderful guests visit. Ken, a guest from Washington state, shared some gorgeous pictures with me.

One picture is worth a million words – Here is Christine, one of our guests on October 15th. What a hardy Maine woman. I think the most fun however was Nancy and John’s elopement on September 29th. They came to Maine from the Washington DC area for their special day. We helped arrange for an official, a cake and even a photographer. It was so nice to see two people so much in love. While it was a simple ceremony, it was so touching and I was so happy to get to help make it happen.

While we have canoes and kayaks here at the Inn, my friend and neighbor, Don stops by from time to time to give me a ride in his boat. What fun! I got a last fall ride before the boat was put away for the winter.

Fall is certainly coming to a close and the many of the birds have left. However, I looked out in our small field and what should I see but a flock of turkey! I guess they don’t know that Thanksgiving is almost here. Thanksgiving certainly brings with it a reminder of all our blessings. I am so thankful to live on the lake and get to live my dream every day. I am also blessed to get to meet so many fascinating people from all parts of the world.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!