Winter is Gone! – Well Almost Posted April 21, 2011 | Tags: , , ,


This has been one snowy and long winter. Our area got 115 inches of snow. Normal is around 67 inches. Even yesterday we saw a few snowflakes. Enough already!

Our ice went out on April 12th. What an amazing sight. It really happens on one day. In the days leading up to “ice out” the ice layer gets darker and starts moving. Ice will pile up against the rocks as the wind and current push the ice. Then comes the day when a crack forms across the lake. By the end of the day the ice is gone. It is mesmerizing to watch. There are few places where the height of excitement is watching ice melt. But once you have experienced it you’ll get hooked.

Even more exciting is that the loons are back within a few hours of “ice out.” It is so wonderful to see them and hear them calling to each other. I’ve been watching them each day as they glide by the Inn. We are all more than ready for spring.