Winter Wildlife Posted January 12, 2011 | Tags: , , ,


This has been a great couple of weeks for wildlife excitement. I went to investigate a set of very odd tracks in the snow. They were about 8ft apart and 5 inches deep. Being at a loss, I stopped my neighbor Norm, an avid outdoorsman, and ask him to take a look. “Moose” he said with excitement. Now we have proof they are here! This adds validity to the offer I give me guests —If you see a moose; you come get me -any time day or night- and I get to see the moose- you stay for free! Now you know it’s a good deal!

Now that the ice is getting thick we have been seeing lots of tracks on the ice. Last weekend the folks out ice fishing measured 10 inches of ice of the main part of the lake. Once the people fishing leave, another crowd moves in to take care of any “leftovers”.

This however was a truly amazing sight — 7 eagles at one time. They were chasing each other trying to steal a frozen fish. While I couldn’t get them all in one photo, the shot with the tree limbs has 4 and if you look closely you can see the fish that was causing all the excitement.